My embodied practice

I’m fascinated with my body…

I ask you to stop here for a second and tell me what was your first association with this sentence:
“I’m fascinated with my body.”

Which aspect or image of the body comes to your mind?

For me, a body is an instrument to express, feel, function, think, to know, be aware, connected, etc. To have a body is to be. I’m my body.

The first time I became consciously aware of these different aspects of the body was 10 years ago when I started with bodywork. And from there everything changed. My motivation for practice got a whole new depths.

My practice

When I give a massage I feel the connection through my body with the other person. I feel the person not just through my hands but through the whole body, I feel the emotions, tension, breath.

When I do acro I feel support, I feel space to enjoy myself, I feel grounded, I practice asking what I need, saying yes and saying no.

When I slackline I’m stepping into my balance, my inner center.

When I go out in nature for a hike I feel my senses open. I feel the elements on my skin, and therefore I can come into my body more.

When I run down the mountain I practice to let go and give all control to the body intelligence which saves me from stumbling into the rocks.

When I dive in cold water I’m willingly stepping into the stressful situation to learn to control it better.

These days in my practice I’m mostly not interested in tricks, personal bests, etc. This would throw me out of my intentions and I would quickly lose interest.

For me, if I have an external focus for practice (for example: being better than yesterday, or looking good) it is hard to keep the motivation and feeling fulfilled. If my focus is in the present and turned internally I have nothing to compare to and every experience is unique, interesting, and special. This gives me great contentment and a feeling of being.

In my practice, I’m interested in sensing the experience through my body, experience of myself. As I keep this awareness in anything I do during the day I start to see patterns, habits, which some serve me well, and for some, it is time to change as I no longer need. Without having a dedicated practice I wouldn’t notice that so easily and wouldn’t have a chance to choose differently.

There is no mind and body. It’s just bodymind – my body is my mind. Start using your body for what it is meant for. Use it for being! Don’t get stuck in your head when there is so much more beneath the neck.

You can find a short simple practice HERE to start reconnecting with your body intelligence on a day to day occasions.

But before you leave I would love to hear your comment and reflections on why and what you practice.

Photo by Katerina Jerabkova on Unsplash